It is up to institutions choice and it depends upon the settings that have created.
It is upto instituition choice.
Learners can take test from their own URL page.
These are two types of tests. One is paid and the other test is demo/free test.
It supports any language
Objective (Antonyms, Synonyms, Test of spelling, Sentence improvement, Sentence correction, Letter series, Coding and Decoding, Analogy, Odd man out, Direction sense etc.,)

Assertion and Reasoning,Statement based (Statements and Assumptions, Statements and Conclusions, Data sufficiency etc.,)

Match the following Model,
Image based (Map pointing, Tabular format, Data interpretation, Logical reasoning, Non verbal reasoning etc.,)
Paragraph or Reading comprehension (Closet Test, Rearranging sentences etc.,)
Work sheet/Fill in the blanks (True or False, Sentence completion, Letter and symbol series, Single term etc.,)
You can create chapter wise, multiple chapter wise, subject wise, multiple subject wise, and topic wise.
It helps to promote your institution and to create your own brand.
Questions will not be displayed in the front page but test details will be displayed.
Take a test is created by registered clients on paid/free basis Today's test is created by registered clients on paid/free basis, but this test will be available only for that date.
Test details will not be displayed forever but these tests will be available in their respective institution URL page and learners can take the test whenever they want if instituition provides access.
Based on standard of your free questions, learners may follow paid tests also.
Yes, any learner can get access to write this test.
Yes, details will be displayed in client dashboard.
Total No. of students who have taken the test on paid basis will pay to us and we will credit money to your account on weekly or monthly basis
Learners will get direct access from their respective institution URL page.
From the student login, Learners can take the test.
It is up to institutions discretion, whether to allow or not to allow parents to view their kids result.
After creating the test, details will be shown on the front page of the main web site and same can be communicated through SMS to members of your contact list.
Yes, it automatically generates certificate.
Yes, it does support learner's report.
Yes. Every registered student once logged on to his/her dash board, can view their previous test records and reports for analysis.


Challengers test (C.T) / Scholarship/Entrance test is conducted by institution / individua publisher to promote themselves.
1. Institutions should have registration account 2. Clients can allow limited/unlimited Number of students per test 3. Clients can set register price as free/paid For ex: Per student registration fee is.Rs.200/- to attempt the test Note:If registration is free clients shoud pay on their own 4. Percentage wise prize money can be distributed from registration price/fee For ex: Received Registration price is Rs.5ooo/- then choose distribute option for percentage wise prize money distribution.1st prize 50 percentage,30percent 2nd,20percentage for 3rd prize Note: Clients can set their own percentages for prize money 5. Clients have to distribute prize money on their own ,if registration price is free 6. If any complaints are registered against the institution,examination platform will not be given permission to conduct CHALLENGER TEST 7. Prize money is subjected to follow govt. of India tax norms.
All Registered clients are eligible, but it is subjected to chosen pricing plan. For more details check the pricing plans.
It can be conducted among sections in the same class/different institutions in one city/different cities having one brand institution /different states having different brand institutions. Or to Create Open Challenger test for any Class/course.

Winning amount will be credited to learners bank account, mean while learner can utilize to write any institutions test from this website and money can't be utilized for other websites. For more details see our pricing policy.


To create bulk questions in built Excel format will be available.
In order to upload questions there are two ways. One is in Excel format / In Bulk. The other option is one question after the other.
In order to upload this, Please follow our inbuilt helper demo session
Yes, it does supports chapter wise questions in a serial manner and it does not overlap one chapter questions with the other chapter.


While you are registering as a client you would be asked to select your URL Name which is unique.
You can add in media or tell your learners and also share via social media to reach many learners at one place.
Your profile details will not be shown, in the front page of main web site but your Profile details will be shown in your own URL page.
After registering as a client, you are eligible to create your own URL /Profile page.
In order to upload this, follow our inbuilt helper demo session.


To register as a client, register from the register panel of exams platform home page.
Subjected to terms and conditions free basis will be available for one month period.Or it may be limited No. of tests with in the period.
Registration process is same for all clients.


Registration is not needed for the parent.
Login details will be given by the institute directly to the parents, to view their kids performance.


Learners are none other than students.
Barring institution students, registration is mandatory for every other learner.
It depends upon the institutions discretion, some institutions may take fee and some may not.
Yes, there is a onetime registration process for other learners who are not members of any institution.
No. Subscription eligibility is subjected to follow institution rules, for example: subscription may be valid for one Month or for one test or for the one subject or for the multiple subjects, or may be for one year. It is up to the institution's discretion.


Registered clients only can use these services depending upon the plan they have chosen.
Onlinebits.net inbuilt helper will guide you step by step to send SMS.
1.To their institution students 2.To the teachers/parents 3.To their contact list
Sms can be used for the test related alerts.
Contact list means adding new learners to your profile page.
It will help you in adding new learners to your institution, you can send created exam details, upcoming events/exams, Share your strengths at a time.


Institutions & Individual publisher can clarify learner's carrier related doubts.
To raise a career request/question learner should register first.


Online helper will clarify learner's education related doubts.
It helps in instant/real time doubt clarification from the fellow learners / from the mentors
Registered Learners or mentors can use this feature.
Registration is required to use this facility.


Total No. of students who have taken the test on paid basis will pay to us. This money will avail in your wallet instantly and can be redeem for plan up gradation or to cart website products/services. This wallet money will not work for other online site purchases. For more details see our pricing policy.
Yes, you can set your own price.Minimum amount suppose to be Rs.80/-
You can track after successful completion of payment.


Comprehensive help session guides you every step of the way from questions creation to report generation.Privacy settings and security measures are to keep your data safe from third parties and unauthorized access.
Stringent security measures are employed to ensure that your content is safe. onlinebits.net system forbids the others to breach and ensures your control over the files access so that you can allow or disallow permission to user at any time.
Initially the internet connection is required to start a test; if internet connection breaks midway, it will automatically submit the test, and further same test can't be available to take test.
Promotional activity will helps in increasing the contact list.


To share questions individual publisher or institution must have a subscription account. Clients who configures setting permission as yes , gives permission to show other related Clients and they may card and swap/add questions.
To upload in question bank you need not to type the shared questions again.
It depends upon accessible time period given by the shared client permission.
It gives credibility to the clients, the other institutions or individual publishers will come to know your standards.It also gives additional income.


It is optional. You may give only for the particular questions or can avoid completely. It is up to institution or individual publisher discretion.
You may get more requests for sharing questions if you give additional notes.Learners may prefer your tests. Helps learners to get in depth knowledge on subject in detail.


It means questions with detailed answers in video format.
Clients may get more requests for sharing questions, if you give video explanation.Learners may prefer your tests. Helps learners to remember the concept easily by watching video explanation.