1. Build your OWN WEBSITE/URL Page
  1. Alternative source of publishing bits & conduct tests
  2. This is a one-stop solution platform, for Schools, Colleges, Coaching/Training Centers, Academics, Computer languages, Spoken fluency, Distance Education, Music, Dance, Yoga, etc.
  3. User friendly maintenance


  1. Can conduct test to their institution learners and guest learners
  2. Can allow other learners to take test on paid (or) free basis.
  3. Clients can also conduct tests for other courses. Educational group of institutions can conduct exams for schools, colleges and training centers under one brand (ABC group of institutions) SRM group of institutions


  1. Monitor student performance
  2. Easy to find difficulties of student receiving and understanding subject
  3. Frequent test improves Children's strength, which boosts your institution

Parents can view their children's performance

  1. Cross-examines student's understanding and teacher performance
  2. Video explanation helps learners to remember the concept
  3. Additional notes help learners to get in depth knowledge on subject.

Share Questions:

  1. Can share your questions on paid basis with other clients
  2. Video explanation may get you more requests for sharing questions
  3. Additional notes may get you more requests for sharing questions.


  1. It is a platform to attract learners of other institutions
  2. Easy way to communicate learners
  3. It will give you an edge over the other institution
  4. It is a platform for parents to select the best institution.


  1. Expand your educational reach by leaps and bounds.
  2. Promote your institution
  3. Can upload your promotional videos & Galleries
  4. Can display any press release
  5. Notify upcoming exams