Take test:
  1. Learner can select paid / free exam, among the institutes as your wish
  2. Choose best professional institute
  3. Direct tests from the institution
  4. No middle man intervention
  5. Can Participate in challenger test
  1. Tests practical knowledge
  2. Get performance score
  3. Compare with other learners performance
  1. In depth analysis of result
  2. Helps to improve time management
  3. Video explanation of questions helps you to understand the subject
  4. Additional notes helps learner to get in depth knowledge on subject.
  5. It will give you an edge over the other learners.

Facing standard questions will makes you the best competitor to others. Practicing easy, medium, typical type of questions helps you to know your level of understanding.

Doubts/queries :
  1. You can Interact with other students/mentors if you have any doubts through online discussion forum
  2. You can Share your experience with others
  3. Learners can get experts suggestions
  4. You will get career counseling related information
  1. User friendly updates and alerts
  2. It is a one-stop solution for all the learners