'Take a test' is created by registered clients on paid or free basis. This test is available all the time and supports all the languages. These tests will be available at any time unlike 'today's test' which is available on that particular date only.



This test is available only for that date and test can't get after that date 'Today's test' is created by registered clients on paid or free basis and it supports all the languages.


It is also called entrance test or scholarship test. Registered clients can conduct this test. Clients can conduct entrance exams to the students who aspire to join their institution. Clients can also conduct this test to distribute scholarships for the learners based on merit. For the learners, the eligibility criteria to appear for this test will be decided by the clients.

Any institution which has onlinebits.net account can conduct this exam. If any complaint is registered against the institution, they will not be given permission to conduct this test. The prize money to the learner is subjected to follow govt. of India tax norms. Registered students only can write this test. Test supports all the languages.